Published on 16-06-2018

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Gutenfinder: search widget for Project Gutenberg

Gutenfinder is a little project to make a search widget for Project Gutenberg.

It is under development.

CLI examples:

Serve a webapp on localhost, port 8080:

$ gutenfinder web serve \
        --postgres="user=username dbname=gutenfinder host=dbhost sslmode=disable" \

Search for eBooks on the command line:

$ gutenfinder search --term beancurd
        "id": 9,
        "term": "beancurd",
        "result_count": 1,
        "items": [
                        "id": 467,
                        "ebook_id": 724,
                        "ebook_title": "Have We No Rights? A frank discussion of the \"rights\" of missionaries",
                        "html_snippet": "be made of a couple of\r\nplanks laid on sawhorses, and you may have to eat boiled rice, greens,\r\nand \u003cem\u003ebeancurd\u003c/em\u003e"

Results are returned based on titles, the full text of the book, and any other properties currently indexed.

Getting started


Install the following dependencies:

Due to an issue with the dockerized Elasticsearch, the following tweak must be made on Linux:

sudo sysctl -w vm.max_map_count=262144

This setting will be lost on reboot, but can be permanently set by adding it to /etc/etc/sysctl.conf

Initialize the project

$ ./script/init
$ ./script/download

This will download a lot of data from a Project Gutenberg archive.

Run with docker

The following sequence of commands will build and launch the app, run migrations, read the eBook catalogue, and index the eBooks on Elasticsearch.

$ ./script/docker-compose-up
$ ./script/db-migrate
$ ./script/catalogue-load-xml
$ ./script/catalogue-load-text


Johnny Morrice

I am not affiliated with Project Gutenberg in any way. This is just for fun.


MIT-style, see the LICENSE file.

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