Start Of 2018

Published on 13-03-2018

Return Home

I’ve had a weird start to 2018. I’ve been quite ill, which left me with little time for these “fun” excursions. But my strategy is to chip away. I have found that no matter how much, or how little, time is available, a work ethic is all you need to achieve something.

I’ve been chipping away at something stupid. Not quite so stupid as in my last post. But fairly dense. I don’t want to be mysterious, or spooky even. But if I allow myself I will post online about new software before it’s ready for human consumption. And this is a piece of silliness so there is definitely no point in overhyping the endeavour.

Ah shut up man. I’ve been writing a souped-up trigger bot for vanilla Minecraft. It initially started as a desire to add more complex permissions rules to vanilla minecraft console commands. By default, minecraft only allows the server operators any commands of substance. One goal of these bots is to share these among other players.

We run a server on my LAN at home, and have been testing it out there. As I say, I’d really hate to hype such a silly project so I’m going to work on it a little longer until I have something a bit more interesting to release.

What’s new to the experience is that I’ve never leapt so fully into such a silly project since I was a teenager. It’s really fun.

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